The Area

The village Nivritos is placed at the downhill slopes of mountain “Ampelakia”, belongs to municipality of Rouvas, has height 493 meters and 255 residents. The area is full of pine trees, and at the back side of the village  at “Piso Vrisi” exists a huge plane tree. The residents occupy mainly with the stock raising, the agriculture and the collect of “faskomilo” , as the area is known about its honey and its verbs. Also the village provides to the visitors the chance to taste traditional Cretan tastes made by fresh raw materials.

At the main side of the village exists the coffeehouse named “Kali Kardia” which’s history begins since 1923. In the village also exists the church of the “Mother of God”, that celebrates at 8th September. At the northwest side of the village in a hidden place, exists the church of “Agios Methodios” with a cave where “Agios Methodios” lived his life.

Near the village, 4 km away, exists the Zaros village which is widely known about the natural mineral water that produces, about the fish that grows, about the wonderful lake and the great nature view. Also in the wide area exist the archaeological places of “Gortyna”, “Faistos”, and “Agia Triada” where they have huge historical interest. In the south side and in 30km distance exist the wonderful beaches of “Kokkinos Pirgos” , “Kommos” and Matala”. At the known area of Matala exist the old caves where living the “Hipis” at 60’s.



Zaros village : 4km

“Gortyna”, “Faistos”, “Agia Triada” : 20 km

“Moires” :  16 km

“Matala” , “Kommos”, “Kokkinos Pirgos” : 30 km

Heraklion Airport : 45km

Pharmacy: 4km

Moires Health Center: 16km

Fuel/ Gas Station: 4km

Bank/ ATM: 4km